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Letter From Founder

An image can look beautiful or distorted depending on the lens you view it through. I remember 6th-grade science when I was tasked with finding an amoeba cell through a microscope lens. I followed the teacher’s instructions exactly, but all I could see when I looked through the eyepiece were blurry spots. It turns out the microscope lens was broken. Once I got a new microscope, I found the single-cell organism and all its intricate details. The amoeba was there the whole time. It was the lens I viewed it through that distorted my perception of it. 


Similarly, there are many kids whose lenses for how they see themselves in the world are distorted, broken, or non-existent.

Only 11.7 % of children’s books and only 5.6% of children’s cartoons contain Black characters. It is time that children of all backgrounds are able to view themselves portrayed in a clear, positive, and empowering light. At Looking Lens, we make this a reality. 

Brittney Dias

C.E.O & Co-Founder of Looking Lens

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 "Perfect for entrepreneurial-minded kids!

This story is so cute and the illustrations are action packed. The storyline is perfect for everyone, and really impactful for children interested in entrepreneurship to understand the process and see how things don’t always go as planned but there’s always a way."

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